Everybody wants to go to a place where he can see beautiful scenes and mountains along with the advertisers, if you are looking for such a place to travel, then the Kamrunaag Trek is for you Which is located in Himachal Pradesh(India).  

kamrunaag lake and temple

You will see the beautiful forest and the beautiful scenery. Kamrunaag a God of rain, full of natural beauty and cool in summer which makes it even more beautiful and fulfilling of adventure

Kamrunaag Trek

History of The Legend Kamrunag

Dev Kamrunag’s real name was Ratan Yaksha and he was a self-determined warrior. He would practice by keeping Lord Vishnu’s ideal in front of him and he considered it as his teacher, the Guru. He gained to know about the story of Mahabharat being fought in some far corner of Bharat and decided to take part in it. Brave and daring he was, he decided to fight with the weaker party, which meant he was going to join the army of Kauravas.

Lord kamrunaag

Lord Krishan got to know about it and he decided to stop the self-learned warrior before he could reach the battlefield. Disguised as a yogi, Lord Krishna appeared before the Yaksha. He asked him regarding his journey and told him about the difficulties being experienced by wounded soldiers. Ratan Yaksha hearing to the story and it strengthened his determination. Lord Krishan gave him a tough test to find out the potency of his arrows and said, “I will be convinced if you can pierce every leaf of that enormous peepal tree with thy arrow.” When the Yaksha was preparing his arrow, the Lord plucked some leaves and hid them in his closed fists. To his wonderment, the arrow pierced even the leaves in his hands. Then Lord Krishan asked him about his guru, upon which the Yaksha replied it to be no one but the almighty himself. And there Lord Krishan spotted an opening, changed into his actual form, and asked the young man for Gurudakshina, the fee for services he had never offered to his student.

Kamrunaag  Forest view

The yaksha could not continue and he had to offer what the Lord had asked for, his head. He gave his head to the Lord and asked the Lord to keep it alive until the Great War was over. The Lord instantly agreed and praised him with the same, his head was brought to the Kamru Hill and today it is known as Kamrunag Temple.

people also say that the head was put at the Nalsar Lake in Mandi district but because of climatic problems faced by the head, it was shifted to the top of the hill, from where he could see the most famous wars of all time, live and exclusive.

 Kamrunaag Lake

Kamrunaag Lake is situated at a height of 3,334 meters above sea level on the Mandi – Karsog road Himachal Pradesh(India). The lake has huge religious importance in the region as the temple of one of most revered deities in Mandi, known as Kamrunag Dev is situated on the banks of the lake. Kamrunag is a famous weather-god of Seraj valley. People regularly pray to the weather God in the temple for favorable weather conditions. Pioneers take holy bath during Kamrunag ‘jatar’ in the lake. A fair is held here on the 14th of June every year. People throw gold ornaments, coins, money, etc in the lake. People have been making offerings of gold and other expensive elements and stones since centuries. Thus gold and coins much more than anyone’s imagination lie buried in the depths of the holy lake of Kamrunag. Thieves have tried several times in the past but without any success. During winters the lake is completely frozen.


Starting of trip

There are many ways to reach the temple but we choose it from Rohanda which is steep hill trek.
Sundernager- Road to Rohanda will start from Dhanotu, Sundernagar. Just take the right turn from Dhanotu (place name) as you were driving in national highway and now you will go to a single road or else you can also use the GPS which is very normal for smartphone users.

Rohanda is around 34 km from Dhanotu, Sundernagar. This is single valley road so you have to be careful while driving as traffic is there on this road if you are driving with your car.

Starting of a Trek to Kamrunag

We went there on 14th June and Kamrunag fair was going on that time. We reached around 2 pm at Rohanda. People had organized some feast for travelers and took our dinner (this only available on 14th and 15th June).

Since there was Kamrunag fair so many villagers were traveling in the night only so it was 2:30 O’clock when we started our trek from Rohanda. We reached at half point around 3:30 pm and around 4:45 pm we reached the mystical lake.
Kamrunaag treking

It was so cool there so before planning to Trek Kamrunag you need to carry woolen jackets or sweater water bottles, some fruits and other important things but in limited quantity, because you have to trek upward steep hill.

Must see at Kamrunag

  • Visit the Kamru fort
  • Kamru Nag Temple
  • Kamrunag Lake
  • Dharmshala

Best time to travel

June and July
If possible 14th to 16th June

Kamrunaag Trecking Video 2019

Things to keep with you

  • Woolen Jacket
  • Torch if you are traveling in the night
  • Umbrella (Unexpected rain can come anytime)
  • Water bottle
  • Something to eat if you are traveling in time other than Kamrunag fair

How to reach Kamrunag

From Sundernagar

• Sundernagar (Dhanotu) to Rohanda 34km by road
• Rohanda to Kamrunag  6km treking

From Mandi

• Mandi to Ner chowk by road 15km
• Ner Chowk to Chail chowk by road 14km
• Chail chowk to Rohanda by road 27km
• Rohanda to Kamrunag (trekking) 8km

There are some others ways as well like via Saroa and Dhangiara but above are good as you have to travel less by foot.