Panchgani Maharashtra, India
12 - 17 Feb, 2019
Local time — 18:01

Event Information 

The idea of Paragliding Pre World Cup Panchgani 2019 is to bring the Paragliding pilots from throughout the world together to enjoy the love for flying competition.

Event classification

FAI-Sanctioned events (CAT.2)

Type of event

FAI-Sanctioned events (CAT.2)



Disciplines / Task Styles

class 3 - Cross Country

Flying site

One of the top paragliding sites in Hindustan(Hindia), Panchgani (पंचगणि) is a famous mountain station and a municipal council in Satara district in Maharashtra province. Panchgani is nestled at the middle of five hills in the Sahyādri mountain ranges, also there are five villages around the Panchgani are Dandeghar, Khingar, Godwali, Amral, and Taighat. The Krishnā River runs nearby which made the lake of Dhom Dam on the Krishna 9 km from Wai.
flying site

On the east of the Panchgani, there are Wai, Bavdhan and Nagewadi dam, to the westward, there is Gureghar, to the south are Khingar and; Rajpuri,& to the north is Dhom Dam.

The temperature in Panchgani is around 12 degrees Celsius during the winter, and sometimes reaches 34 Celsius during the summer; however, the humidity level is very low. The Monsoon rains are heavy and the rainy season does from June till February, allowing the region three months of relatively dry and sunny spring.

The five mountains surrounding Panchgani are topped by a volcanic plateau, which is the second highest in Asia after the Tibetan plateau. These steps, alternatively known as "table land", are a part of the Deccan Plateau and they were raised by pressure between the earth plates.


The place has East West and South facing takeoffs
 Panchgani East Harisson's Folly:- 17°56'36" (17.9435)N; 73°49'53" (73.8316)E 
Altitude: 1100 m. Motorable access. Nearly 1000 ft high. 
take off site

Many of flat ground for top landing even for student pilots. 


Bottom of the hill, Fields cultivated and uncultivated 10 min walkable to a village called 'Pasarni' where public transport and sharable taxi is available for returning to take off point.

Panchgani west:- N 17° 55.86000' , E 73° 47.99400'  OR  N 17° 55' 51.6" (17.931) E 73° 47' 59.6" ( 73.7999)
Landing: Bottom of Hill:- Uncultivated field, If you have enough height you could make it to the banks of the lake which could also be a safe place for landing

Khingar (Panchgani South)take off:- 17°53'49" (17.897)N; 73°49'5" (73.8183)E 
Altitude: 1174 m. Wide sandy and grassy slope.

Entry fees and Selection

Entry Fees

• India Rupee 16,000 if confirmed before 31st Dec 2018
• Indian Rupee 20,000 from 1st Jan 2019

You will get an email from on how to make payment
Approval into the event is according to the order of PAYMENT, not registration. If you are late to pay then you lose the offer of a place. Please help us organize Paragliding Pre World Cup Panchgani  2019 better by confirming as soon as possible.

Entry fee includes

  • The ID card and safety/contact information
  •  Competitor and Glider Identification
  •  Transportation from HQ to Take Off
  •  Retrieval to HQ
  •  Ground-Based Search and Rescue and Ambulance
  •  GPS Coordinates and Map of area
  •  Lunch Packet
  •  T-shirt
  •  SIM card for foreign pilots
  •  Participation Certificate
  •  Access to Competition events and parties
  •  Flymaster Live Tracker unit for the duration of the competition

Participation criteria:

Equipment Requirements:
- Glider Classification: EN, CCC
- Certified EN Harness 
- Helmet
- Reserve
- 2m Radio
- Airtribune application installed on your smart-phone for Live tracking. or GPS with live tracking
- Telegram application installed on your smart-phone for game communication.
- Medical insurance covering paragliding (record will be checked at competition registration)

Insurance: Accident/Medical/hospitalization insurance covering paragliding (proof to be checked during registration). NO EXCEPTIONS!

[Pilot experience]

- IPPI or any other equivalent Rating
- Pilots without IPPI or similar rating can participate if they can provide a flight log proof of having done an XC at least once in the past one year including a distance of at least 30 km and or direction by an instructor or a senior pilot. Such pilots are requested to provide the above beforehand by sending the details to The decision taken by the organizing committee on the entry of such pilots shall be deemed final.

Please perceive due to limitations no helicopter rescue is arranged by the organizer. But, GSM Trackers will be provided so that Road rescue is continually on top of any unforeseen events

Payment method to be communicated after confirmation

Maximum/Minimum Participants:
The maximum no. of pilots allowed for the Paragliding Pre World Cup Panchgani  2019 is 100.
# Minimum confirmed/paid participants should be 30.

Prize fund and scoring categories

Scoring: Overall, Sports (up to ENC), Women, Indian National

Daily schedule

8:00 transport to takeoff
10:00 task briefing
11:00 window open
17:00 GPS download, Tracker Return

General schedule

Registration Monday, February 11th 09:00 – 14:00 
Mandatory Safety Briefing Monday, February 11th 19:00 – 19:30 
Opening Ceremony Tuesday, February 12th 10:00 
Game flying days Tuesday, February 12th 'till Sunday, February 17th 8:00 – 17:00 
Closing ceremony and Prize giving  Sunday, February 17th 19:00

Accommodation and Activities

1.Ravine Hotel - This will be our headquarter
For 10% Rival Discount use promo code PORH2019 while booking on
Tel: +91 2168 241060/61/62
Fax: +91 2168 241059

2. Hotel Millennium Park:- 3.5 km from the headquarter.
 Godavali Village,S. No. 13, Behind Bharati Vidyapith, Panchgani-Mahabaleshwar, Satara, Maharashtra, India -412805. 
Landline- 02168-241771 / 72 / 73 
Mobile: +919764018034 / +919867188804 Whatsapp: 9764018027,9764018034
For 15% Rival Discount use promo code PARA19 while booking on ( 9764018034)

Additionally, Pilots and their partners will get discount of 25% at on wheels amusement park ( 9764018039)

3. Eco Camp 700 mtr from headquarter
Contact : Megan desouza
Contact number : +91 9960436352

How to get here

You have several options to book your Taxis from Pune or Mumbai Airport
If you want to arrange transport on your own then
1.Ola Outstation (Download OLA App) or use
Use coupon Code FLYINDIA - 15% off up to Rs 250

if you want any help then our Volunteer Shekhar has extended help in agreeing on Taxis for us
His contact details are
Whatsapp no: +91 88069 52534 
Alternate Mobile no: +91 77988 88684

Dhandeghar, Panchgani, Maharashtra, India 
Panchgani IN


The nearest international airports in Mumbai  4 hrs drive. 
Panchgani is placed at about 255 km from Mumbai.


Get a train to the nearest big city Pune. It takes about 3 to 5 hours.
From Pune take a bus. Panchgani is 120 km from Pune.


There is both private and public bus transport to Panchgani or Mahabaleshwar from Bombay and Pune.


Car rental at the airport:

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