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12 - 18 Jan, 2019
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The Paragliding British 
Open Colombia  Competitions 2019 will consist of for the very first time a Winter Open at the start of the year and a British Championship Open throughout the summertime.
The British Winter Open will be kept in Roldanillo, Colombia from Saturday 26th January 2019 to Saturday 2nd February 2019.
Registration and practice job will be on 26th January and the last job will be on 2nd February.

Roldanillo is a first-rate paragliding competitors place, having actually hosted various National occasions, the World Cup and the World Paragliding Championships in 2015. The location boasts remarkably reputable flying conditions in January/February, with just a handful of jobs over a previous couple of years, have actually been canceled. The Winter Open will be run back to back with the Colombian Nationals, which will happen either the week prior to or the week after the British Open, providing pilots the chance to extend their winter season flying in Colombia. We will let you understand when the Colombians have actually verified their dates.
A pilot needs to have previous competitors experience, for instance, FAI Cat2, BPCup, GWO, Chabre Open, and so on, to get approved for a location.
Online registration for the Winter Open will start at 12.00 on Saturday 15th September 2018 and payments for the competitors will be accepted from Saturday 6th October 2018. Payment for the competitors will be taken in order of date/time of registration up until the competitors is complete, so register early to prevent frustration.
The International airport at Bogotá is 1 hour by air from the local airports of Pereira and Armenia. Roldanillo is 1 hour by a roadway from Pereira and Armenia. Cali International Airport is 90 minutes by a roadway from Roldanillo.
The place and dates of the British Championship Open have yet to be completed, however, it can be verified the competitors will remain in kept in Europe, most likely in Spain in June. The location and specific dates will be revealed as quickly as possible.

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Second Category Event



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class 3 - Cross Country


Bright, AUS

Flying site

Roldanillo is the primary house for paragliding and hangs moving occasions in Colombia. Found on the west side of the Valle del Cauca at the foot of the Cordillera Occidental the town sits at an elevation of 966 meters and has a typical yearly temperature level of 23 ° C.

Flying conditions are typically perfect in January and just a handful of jobs over a previous couple of years have actually been canceled. Out and return and cats‐cradle type jobs of approximately 120km have actually been effectively flown in current occasions utilizing objectives to the north,, and south of the Valle de Cauca.
Roldanillo  Flying site

Mostly a farming area, the Valle del Cauca has exceptional facilities and lots of open area to land. Main highways run along the east and west sides of the valley linked by secondary roadways. The main valley location is bisected north‐south by the Cauca river. Agricultural roadways and tracks supply access to granges and plantations.
The job location is identified by the foothills of the Cordillera Occidental to the west, the broad open farming valley and smaller sized grassy hills to the east. Mainly a sugar walking cane growing location, the valley is quickly out‐landable insecurity. Extremely couple of locations are fenced and gain access to is normally unlimited. Periodic inundation from the Cauca river provides the only landing danger in specific locations (dependant on preceding rains).
Grape plantations and military bases are off limitations. These locations will be marked on maps. Objective fields are readily available in abundance although needs to be picked on the basis of the cropping and collecting cycles. They will be specified and validated by the company a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the competitors.

Airspace and Other Restrictions: 

There are airports at Cartago in the north and Tuluá to the southeast that has irregular military traffic. The Meet occasion group and occasion Director have routine interaction with the air traffic controllers and radio contact throughout the job.
There is generally a very high level of cooperation with the civil air travel authority, air traffic control service, and the occasional company. In earlier occasions, domestic flights have actually been rerouted to prevent the job locations.
The city south of Tuluá has a ceiling of roughly 2700 m while to the north is roughly 3000 meter.
Roldanillo and Valle del Cauca is a 'friendly' website appropriate for all certified pilots. The conditions are typically light with 3 to 4 m/s optimal climbs up. Wind is generally minimal.
The only location of fantastic climbs up and understood possible turbulence at the quarry to the south is prevented through reasonable tasking.
Very close attention is paid at all times to the city projection to guarantee jobs take pilots far from the mountains in the later parts of the day to prevent any lee side rotor due to the Pacific breeze.
A thermic breeze gets in the launch at around 9:00 am and jobs typically begin at around 11 a.m. Breeze is usually really light throughout the launchable window with conditions periodically ending up being tail‐wind if the meter suggests a strong Pacific breeze.

Flying Site Safety Record:

The location has an outstanding security record with a couple of disputes. Thermic Situation is typically considered light and favorable to safe tasking for all levels of pilots. A couple of mishaps in current occasions have actually been typically brought on by aborted launches or by unskilled pilots stopping working to think about the needed slide to the valley after thermalling up behind the launch location.

Liftoff Site

D01 N 076 W April 24 14.00 12 41.00 1860 "Aguapanela"

Flynfeel paraglider

Competition jobs setting problems at Roldanillo: 

The Task typically keeps tp the following recognized reasoning:

1. As much as begin: Start cylinders will be chosen to enable pilots to climb up and support in numerous points near the western foothills and Roldanillo in locations of recognized thermic activity. Experience and regional understanding permit us to pick points that offer numerous alternatives for gaggles to wait, therefore easing blockage.
2. Start to midday-->  Flying in the western foothills to make the most of thermic activity prior to the valley warms up and ends up being active.
3. Midday to early afternoon-->  Flying out & & return or felines cradle type jobs in the valley and making use of the eastern hills.
4. Objective-->  Located in the central/eastern part of the channel/valley. End of the speed area will be a cylinder, size & & position to be chosen by the job setting committee. The objective will be either a cylinder or a line for completion of the job.
Maps of Flying-task location--> Pilots will be released with an A3 printed waypoint map revealing waypoints, limited locations, and topography. Finest base maps are available from the Colombian cartographic institute. ( Massive job maps will be offered at the pilot instruction.
Roldanillo remove video

Prize fund and scoring categories

To Be Confirmed(TBC)

General schedule

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Daily schedule

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Accommodation and Activities

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How to get here


Cl. 10 #6-99, Roldanillo, Valle del Cauca, Colombia 
Roldanillo CO


Largest international flights layover in Bogota's "El Dorado International Airport". The foreign and domestic terminals are connected by a shuttle. From Bogota use to the quick domestic flight to Armenia, Pereira, or Cali where you can easily find ground transport to Roldanillo. For price and service, we highly recommend you fly into Pereira.
If you would prefer the organization to pick you up from Cali or Pereira please contact us with a detailed itinerary and plan. We would also relish a call or email during your layover in Bogota confirming your on-time arrival.
Regional airport taxis are safe and offer competitive pricing for 1 or 2 pilots with gear. Groups should contact the organization for pickup. Budget tourists can find buses to Roldanillo from Pereira, Cali, or Armenia. The bus terminals and airports are separate. 


Recommended city to fly into. 1 and a 15-minute drive to Roldanillo. 


The second most important airport in Colombia. Cali's “Alfonso Bonilla Aragon” airport services domestic and international flights and adds new international routes regularly. 2-hour drive to Roldanillo.


Smaller airport and city with less service. 1 and a 30-minute drive to Roldanillo. 


From the bus stand in Pereira, Cali, or Armenia look for the Roldanillo's local bus company De Occidente for safe and comfortable transport.
The company is pleased servicing international Paraglide pilots and very helpful.

Register here

Authorized pilots will be welcomed to spend on each competitor according to pilot rank (see listed below).
Payment for the Winter Open, Roldanillo, Colombia will start on Saturday 6th October 2018.
Your location at a competition is not verified up until we have actually gotten your payment for the competitors. The Pilot Records reveal the existing status of your registration.

Pilot Ranking

Pilots are noted for each competitor in ranked order and verified entry to the competitors will be focused on based upon rank.

Scouts will be ranked for each Open competitors as follows:
'Winter' Open, Roldanillo, Colombia
Pilots will be arranged by date/time of registration (NOT Only date/time of payment).
British pilots will be arranged by rank initially, followed by pilots of all other countries by rank. British pilots will be contacted us to pay initially in ranked order, followed by pilots of other countries one week later on, likewise in ranked order. Related: When you sign up for an Event, if you do not enter your'right 'FAI and CIVL numbers then you will not be ranked properly.

 Keep in mind:-> if you are a British pilot your FAI number is your BHPA number. Besides when you register you will be required to enter your'FAI Sporting Licence Nationality '. This is not for another citizenship you take place to hold, nor is it where you were born, or where you presently live however is the nation that released your Sporting Licence( 'United Kingdom for BHPA provided licenses ). As soon as a competitors registration is complete, pilots will be contributed to a waiting list and after that, if a location appears it will be provided to the next greatest ranked pilot on the list. The pilot will get an e-mail from us welcoming them to pay their entry charge and will have 1 week to do so prior to the location is provided to the next greatest ranked pilot on the list. Payment The entryway charge for 2019 will be ₤ 220 for each Open competition. Fees and dates will be strictly complied with. Payments are done on our site by means of PayPal with a Credit Card, Debit Card, or utilizing your own PayPal account. PayPal does information file encryption for the security of your card information. The pilot entryway charge consists of the cost charged by PayPal for administering your online payment. We do NOT accept cheques or American Express. If you want to spend for more than someone's entry cost online you need to do so logged-in as each pilot. If you are given a location at a competitors location, at the start of the competitors, then you need to pay your pilot
entry cost in money, in the regional currency. 

The pilot entry cost for each competitor is set according to the genuine expense of arranging and hosting the competitors.
We do not intend to earn a profit. Please Contact United States if you have trouble paying. Refunds For each competitor went into, any pilot who cancels their registration will be provided a refund as follows: Cancellation date more than 60 days prior to competitors start date: 50 %refund Cancellation date in between 60 and 30 days prior to competitors start date:
30%refund Cancellation date less than 30 days prior to competitors start date: 0% refund
The following caution uses: Any pilot proving(with medical certificate )inability to complete through illness/injury ought to Contact United States the British Paragliding Competitions Panel as quickly as possible. Any refund, if proper, will be chosen by the British Paragliding Competitions Panel.

Refunds will NOT be provided to ill/injured pilots canceling within 7 days of the start of competitors despite individual situations, rather pilots need to call their travel insurance coverage supplier for guidance on any payment due. Cancellation of a Competition by the Organisation In case the organizers consider it needed to cancel, transfer, or reschedule the competitors prior to the very first scheduled day you will be entitled to a refund of any entry costs paid to the organizers.
After the start of the competitors, any refunds will be at
the sole discretion of the organizers. The organizers will not be accountable for any expenses sustained by anybody going to or planning to participate in the occasion, or any substantial losses developing from the cancellation, moving, or rescheduling of the occasion. Reward fund and scoring classifications TBC General schedule TBC Daily schedule TBC Lodging and

Activities How to get here Cl. 10 # 6-99, Roldanillo, Valle del Cauca, Colombia Roldanillo CO Aircraft The majority of global flights stopover in Bogota's"El Dorado International Airport". The global and domestic terminals are linked by a shuttle bus.
From Bogota take the fast domestic flight to Armenia, Pereira, or Cali where you can quickly discover ground transportation to Roldanillo. For expense and benefit, we extremely advise you fly into Pereira. If you would like the company to choose you up from Cali or
Pereira, please call us with an in-depth travel plan and strategy. We would likewise value a call or e-mail throughout your stopover in Bogota validating yours on time arrival. Local airport taxis are safe and deal competitive prices for 1 or 2 pilots with equipment. Groups ought to call the company for pickup. Spending plan tourists can discover buses to Roldanillo from Pereira, Cali, or Armenia. The bus terminals and airports
are different. Pereira Advised city to fly into. 1 and a 15-minute drive to Roldanillo. Cali The 2nd crucial airport in Colombia. Cali's"Alfonso Bonilla Aragon" airport services domestic and global flights and includes brand-new worldwide paths frequently. 2-hour drive to Roldanillo. Armenia Smaller sized airport and city with less service. 1 and the 30-minute drive to Roldanillo. Bus From the bus terminals in Pereira, Cali, or Armenia search for the Roldanillo's regional bus business De Occidente safe and comfy transport.De Occidente: business is comfy servicing global Paraglide pilots and extremely practical.

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