Location Groveland, Florida, United States
Date 01 Jan, 2019 - 31 Dec, 2019
Local time —9:36

Event info

Give Davis $20.

A league event organized by Larry, Bunner and Davis Straub and the regulars at Wilotree Park for joint cross-country flights.
Wilotree Park Cross Country

Everyday weather briefings (weather dependent). Task setting. Retrieval arrangements.
Fly together to go long or make it final after a healthy task.

Previous Successful Events in 2018

Flying site

Will tree Field (formerly Sheets airfield) is located one mile south of Groveland in Florida, United States. Groveland itself is situated in Lake County, in the center of the state. The around area is dominated by plain lands intermixed with treed swamps and some private areas. Flatlands at about 100 ft MSL.

The airfield is a grass runway field with north/south and east/west runways. One can clearly see it on the east side of State Hwy 33 one mile south of the intersection with State Hwy 50.

The field is surrounded by trees. Plenty of more landings areas in all directions off the runway mainly to the north.
Take-off and landing will be in usually the same spot, whatever is suitable for the winds at that time. 
 Wilotree Park Cross Country 2019

Quest Air Soaring Center is a year-round hang gliding flight park located at Wilotree Park. It has the biggest collection of Bailey-Moyes Dragonflies in the world. Most have high power four cycle engines for taking you into the air fast.

The flying period is best in April and May or September and October. Quite flyable in the summertime, but rain in the evening. Some flying from November through March.

Average climate forecast for May: Low 65 degrees, high 89 degrees, rain: 3.1 inches. Software edged thermals, 300 – 500 fpm. Spaced a few miles apart. Cloud base from 3,000’ to 8,000’. Average around 4,000’ – 5,000’. Wind direction varies considerably.

The record distance made fromQuest Airis 283 miles, the East coast record, held jointly by Jonny Durand, Jr, and Dustin Martin. First 200 and plus mile flight on the east coast was made by Davis Straub, 212 miles. Unlimited 100+ mile flights to the north and south are provided there, for example, 125 miles to the Florida Ridge flight park.

Take off Wilotree field

GPS Degrees:-  Lng: -81° 50' 48.180 , Lat: 28° 31' 58.320

East/west runway: Length: 1780 ft, Width: 155 ft
North/south runway: Length: 2000 ft, Width: 115 ft
Launch method: Dragonfly aerotowing.
Selection and entry fee
$20 for the year.

If you have a PayPal account with money in it or it is connected to your bank account, not your credit card send your entry fee to davis@davisstraub.com (stating that it is for the Wilotree Park Cross Country), so as not to incur a credit card fee.
Or visit here:-  http://paypal.me/davisstraub 
and send money as a friend.

Register here and you will get confirmed. You will be asked to participate in the tasks of - weather forecasting, finding drivers, setting the task on the whiteboard and here on Airtribune, scoring.

Waivers: the Wilotree Park waiver. Fill them out on site.

General schedule

Sign the Wilotree Park waiver at the office when you first arrive at Wilotree Park

Whenever the cross country conditions look good. So please contact the organizers if you would like to join.

Daily schedule

10 AM - weather briefing
11 AM - task set and pilots setup
Noon -1 PM - launch
1 PM - 2 PM start

How to get here

Will tree Park, nee Sheets field is about two miles south of Groveland, Florida, on highway 33. It is a left-hand turn at a busy curve in the road (be precise). Headquarters is the clubhouse, first building on the right.


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Meet Organizer/Meet Director

  • Davis Straub
  • 8632072634
  • davis@davisstraub.com

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