Paragliding is an exciting game. For those who want to come to this game, paragliding may initially be a little difficult for them. These are some Top Tips to Help Paragliding Beginner'sThese top tips for starting paragliding. You can start paragliding by following these steps.

Step 1. Book a tandem flight

You may like the color of paragliding, but flying in the air is a different experience. First of all, you book a tandem flight, which will tell you what professional pilot will tell you how to experience in the air And how paraglider controls are done. You will get a glimpse of flying with a bird in your first tandem flight.
Tandem flight
Tandem flight

Step 2.Choose the right instructor

In the beginning, it is very important to select the right instructor for you. An experienced instructor can tell you about the right technician. If you choose an advanced paragliding instructor with years of experience in this field then it is always better
right instructor
Right instructor

 Step 3.Sign up for a course

If you did not find Vertigo from Tandom Flight, you would like to take it to a different level, then join Paragliding Course. Your move will bring you closer to becoming a paragliding pilot and you can accept the challenges of the sky by becoming a good pilot By doing this you can become a flying man from a ground dweller. The hobby of becoming your Paragliding Pro pilot may initially be costly, after the purchase of a license, paraglider and its equipment and Then your expense will be only to reach the flying site

Step  4. Buy the right equipment for you

Your next step is to buy the right equipment for paragliding for you, you can take the opinion of the Expert Pilot. The wrong equipment you can get out of this Sky game soon. Listen to your Expert for equipment, which will take you to your Write equipment. At the initial stage, you will need paraglider, harness, reserve parachute, and a helmet. Which fits on EN996 standard. The price of a full paragliding kit can be  € 3,000 / £ 2,685.
Right equipment
Right equipment

Step  5.Paragliding Clothing and Accessories

Having the right paragliding clothing is very important. You can take long shirts and paint in which you will be able to remain comfortable. Very good shoes are very important. A good shoe can save you from a bad landing, injuries to the foot. Hand glove is very important you can also take hand glove for good grip.

Step 6.Understand the slopes

For the first paragliding pilots, it is best to start by launching the feet. It runs down a slope and the wind is done by the fly as you fly. Apart from this, it always recommends staying on the slope with the ratio 3: 1 - 4: 1. Keep an eye on the fact that the air is only about fifteen degrees for the slope being straight. If the slope is more than that, then it will give you a tough time controlling the sails.
Flying Site
Flying Site

Step  7.Join a club

After purchasing an equivalence you will need to join a good paragliding club. Once you become qualified through a club pilot course with a local school, you will be able to safely fly in the club environment. After joining a club, you can talk to your partner pilot and get advice from them. This will increase your flying expertise. A club is a good source of information.

8. Make friends and fly with them

When you come out of the new paragliding school, it can be quite challenging to fly the first time. So when you join the club, it is necessary that you make friends. It may be a bit difficult to make the right decision, which paragliding site is to fly and on which day it can be a bit difficult for the first time But your friends can help you get to the right place and at the same time make the right decision. You can take part in Club Nights so that you can interact with the club coach and make links, Club Coach helps low airtime pilots progress.
Make Friend
Make Friends


  1. If only I had followed these tips I'd have probably not broken anything! :p

  2. Get high Cheltenham Cotswold Paragliding facebook..if anyone fancies a bit of kiting and a hop skip and a jump!

  3. Get high Cheltenham Cotswold Paragliding facebook..if anyone fancies a bit of kiting and a hop skip and a jump!

  4. If only I had followed these tips I'd have probably not broken anything! :p

    1. Paragliding is an adventure game with little risk in it. If you follow your instructor's guideline and do it with a proper safety and use safety equipment, then you can reduce the risk.


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