Accuracy National Circuit Event, 1st Validated Antioquia, National Closure Jorge Andrés Escobar Restrepo as president of the Paragliding Base Cloud Sports Club wants to invite them to the event "Accuracy National Circuit, 1st Validate Antioquia, National Closure. " Accuracy paragliding event, which consists of precision paragliding. The event will be held under the mantle of the regulation of the International Aeronautical Federation (FAI), an organization that regulates this type of events worldwide and in Colombia under the supervision of the Colombian Federation of Federated Air Sports.

Super Final Accuracy Antioquia will be held on 21 to 23 December 2018 The headquarters of the Base Cloud Club is in San Felix, township of Bello Antioquia is where pilots can make their registration, on the page, by mail xtremesportscenter1 @ and the cell phone numbers of the organizers: Andrés Escobar: 3024152662 and Andrés Gallego: 3005769352. COST REGISTRATION EVENT: $ 180,000 COP or € 60
Accuracy National Circuit Event
Accuracy National Circuit Event


These regulations are in accordance with the most recent versions of:
• General Section of the FAI Sports Code.
• Common Section 7C of the FAI Sports Code.
• Section 7C of the FAI Sports Code.


The objective of the "Championships" of precision is to provide a safe, fair and satisfactory competition flight to determine the individual champion Accuracy National Circuit Event, 1st Validated Antioquia, National Closing 2018, an FAI CAT II event and reinforce the friendship between the pilots.

Although the club's headquarters is in San Felix, the event will be held in Barbosa  Antioquia) in the aviary known as "matasanos".Participation requires an FAI license per day, to validate points in the CIVL and each pilot must have medical insurance. Also for recreational, must have medical insurance National Accuracy circuit event, 1st Antioquia Open FAI 2 Valid, final 2018 event of the Colombian Accuracy Circuit.

Base Paragliding Sports Club and its president, Jorge Andrés Escobar Restrepo invites all paragliding accuracy pilots to participate in the FAI 2 Open First Antioquia Accuracy Super Final Competition for the Colombia National Circuit.

A Paragliding Accuracy event consists of a precision landing with a paraglider. This event is held under the  FAI (Federation Aeronautique International) rules for this category of competition and will be supervised by the FEDEAEREOS(Colombian Federation for Air Sports). The event will be held on 21 to 23 December 2018 in  Antioquia Barbosa,.

Pilots can register online at and can contact event organizers via email to or the following mobile phone number: Andrés Escobar: +573024152662 and Andrés Gallego: +573005769352




• The Municipality of Barbosa is located north of the Aburrá Valley
• Name: Municipality of Barbosa
• Old name: Hatillo de Barbosa, Potreros de Barbosa, Llanos de Barbosa, Hacienda Barbosa
• Date of Foundation: August 25, 1795
• Erected Municipality: 1812
• Population: 50,547 inhabitants according to the DANE report as of March 2006
• Geographical coordinates: Latitude North 6 ° 26 '21' '. West Length 75 ° 20 '04' of Greenwich
• Related thickness: 2000 to 2,500 ml per year
• Municipality Appeals: "Puerta del Nordeste Antioqueño", "Sweet District with Pineapple Flavor", "Antechamber of the Metropolitan Area", "The Sweet Route of Fun, Joy, and Cordiality", "Live Barbosa, Travel through it "
• Gentilicio: Barboseño, Barbosa, Barbosa
• Limits: East with Santo Domingo, in a length of 8.5 km; West with Girardota, in length of 11.2 Km .; North with Don Matías in a length of 31.9 Km.; South with the Municipality of Concepción in length of 17.5 km and with San Vicente in 15.2 km.
• Barbosa is at a height of 1300 MS. above sea level.

Flying site

Flying site

Barbosa, Antioquia
Take Off : 6.455588, -75.363247

Landing: 6.433588, -75.340151
Desnivel 903 Metros


Super Final Accuracy Antioquia 2018 
Andrés Escobar: 3024152662
Andrés Gallego: 3005769352

Andres Escobar Mello
Competition Organiser: Meet Director

Selection and entry fees

Bank transfer ban.colombia
Savings Account #: 24587817329
Andres Escobar
Send payment constraint Wapp: +573024152662
Email: Corresponsal Bancario, do not charge for the money order.

Prize fund and scoring categories

Overall Men

1st prize.
2nd prize
3rd prize.

 Overall Women

1st prize
2nd prize.
3rd prize.

Team Overall

1st prize
2nd prize.
3rd prize.


General  Schedule

Friday, December 21, 2018
Arrival and official registration
09: 30-10: 30- Mandatory security report at the headquarters (Serchhip)
10: 30-11: 30- Continue with the inspection of the flight site and the equipment when taking off
11: 30-15: 30- Fun flight to get acquainted with the site
17: 00-19: 00- Opening Ceremony

Monday, December 23, 2018
08: 00-12: 00- Sleeves
15: 00-16: 00- Closing Ceremony and distribution of prizes.

Daily schedule: 

08: 00- The headquarters opens.
09: 30- Transfer to the take-off site.
10: 30- Pilot reports on takeoff.
11: 00- The takeoff window opens.
16: 00- Close window
18: 00- The score opens at the venue

Accommodation and Activities
Finca for multiple accommodation and camping areas


Take off 2187 meter

To get to Barbosa from Medellín, the capital of the department, you will cross by the Autopista Norte; the Different way is to travel on the Metro to the North Terminal either Niquía Station, where you will see the two companies Transmeta also Transportes Barbosa Porcello.

Barbosa (Antioquia) is known for being not only a good place to fly but also for the consistency of many good and reliable days for the activity due to the climatic and topographic conditions of the area. The best flight season begins in mid-November and lasts until mid-March as the rainy season starts in April and is at its peak in May. Rainy days usually have favorable conditions for flying in the morning hours, although this may vary. The rainy season ends at the end of October and in December the days are usually very soft and pleasant to fly, perfect conditions for this type of competition.


Nearest International Airport is MDE. 

By Vehicle from Medellin take Autopista Norte towards the North, past Bello and the toll booth for Copacabana. Take the Barbosa departure.

Public Transportation: Use the metro to the Terminal del Norte. Transfer to minibusses from Transmeta or from Transportes Barbosa Porcecito to Barbosa


LOGISTICA and Acomodation
Edwin tapias
+57311 3648008
Meet Directors
Andres Escobar Mello
andres gallego

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