Wanaka, New Zealand
27 - 30 December 2018
Local Time 04:41

You all are invited for Paragliding Championship South New Zealand 2018 which is held in Southern Regional NZ.

We will be going to the best points around Central Otago/Canterbury and expect to get everyone flying far. While the base will be Wanaka, we are setting ourselves up to be as flexible as possible with the paragliding tournament places. Be prepared to move with the new zealand weath erand pack some camping gear, just in case the venue is moved from Wanaka to chase the best locations. 

Paragliding Championship South New Zealand 2018
Paragliding Championship South New Zealand 2018
It's an excellent way to increase your flying experiences and fly with another pilot, whatever your level.
For those hunting points on the NZ ladder, this will be the comp to visit. The last couple of years this competition has generated the best audience and points of any of the regionals.
A BBQ night will be announced on the week and will be based on the best evening weather window.
Pilots are inspired to get and use airband communications.

Flying Site

Flying sites will be declared closer to the date. It is meant that Omarama field and Little Mt Ida areas will be options in addition to our standard sites below.

The principle Launch site is Pub Corner – Treble Cone (Wk 002)
-Height ASL 3,500 ft.
-Foot launch from a hillside
-Up to three airmen can launch at the same time
-The launch may be ordered
Flying Site Pub Corner New Zealand
Flying Site Pub Corner New Zealand

Should New Zealand Weather status dictate then other launch sites may be used, They are- Grandview [Wk 057] 4,500 feet, Long Gully [Wk 061] 3,100 feet. or Coronet Peak [Wk 090] 3,700 feet. Launches may be ordered. New launch locations may be appended at the tournament director's discretion.

Treble Cone take off

44°38'16" (44.6378)S 168°54'28" (168.908)E Elevation : 701 m.

Coronet Peak take off

44°55'44" (44.9289)S 168°44'6" (168.735)E Elevation : 1126 m.


 Timothy Brown

Louis Tapper
Weather and promotion

Prize fund and scoring categories

There will be four Classes:
  • Fun
  • Recreation
  • Sport
  • Serial Class
Fun -[EN B] and less than 100 hours total logged flight time. This class is to inspire new pilots and inclusion in this category is at the responsibility of the organizers.
Recreation - EN B
Sport - EN C
Serial - EN D 

Selection and entry fee

Free Entry for Southern Club Members. Non Parts $20.
the pilot need of PG2 (or international equivalent) plus 40 hours logged flying, or, Approved as being capable of competing by an NZ registered paragliding instructor.
Completion of the Waiver form.
Completion of a Treble Cone access (safety & health) registration prior to the first day. ( it may take some days to process this request)
Acceptance is on a 'first-come-first-served' basis.

Accommodation and Activities

Taking accommodation in Wanaka for a night or a period is all about selecting around that feels best to you and fits your budget.
Ranging from luxury lodges, mountain chalets, hotels, high-end residences, B&B's through to lakeside campgrounds the Wanaka area has plenty of options.

Flying Kiwi Backpackers has some good paraglider favorable accommodation options

General schedule
27 December
08:00 Registration
09:00 Necessary Safety Briefing
11:00 First game instructions

We will be doing morning announcements at "Ray White R/EMeeting Room 1 Helwick St, Wanaka. It's next to Kais but in Helwick St. The beers and snacks arent far away!

Competition flying days
27 December  to  30 December  

BBQ dates will be declared at a later date but may occur on the night prior to the competition (26 December  ).

Pilots are must to use Airband radios where possible.

Daily schedule

08:00 - Open Headquarters
08:20 - Deadline for protests of the earlier day, except for the last day (see 4.2)
08:30 General pilot guidance, Earlier task official results
09:00 -09:20 - Transportation to take-off
10:00 -   Task and Safety Committee meetings & Meet Director
10:45 - Pilots' directions  & Task description
11:15 - Takeoff window opens
17:00 - Scoring office opens in the Headquarter
18:00 Goal closure
18:15 Landing Deadline
18:45 - deadline  Safe landing report
19:00 -  Flight downloads completed & Scoring office closes
21:30 - Provisional decisions
23:00 - Complaints analysis published

How to get here

Going to Wanaka is easy. Its a sharp, scenic 60-minute drive to Wanaka from the nearest international airport, where you will find all major rental vehicle companies and scheduled bus services that give transportation to Wanaka during the day.

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