Mizoram Open Paragliding Accuracy Championship will be organized from 4 December to 8th December 2018, Serchhip, Mizoram, India.
This has been organized by the FAI CAT II and Mizoram Arrow Sports Association. 120 pilots can participate in this championship.
Mizoram Open Paragliding Accuracy Championship 2018 is done according to the FAI CAT II  and according to Mizoram Arrow-Sports Associatio.
Pilot can register online from 5 October  to 2 December,2018.
Its entry fees have been fixed at 5000 INR for Indian nationalities and foreign nationalities 60 EUR. Last payment of entery fees  is 3rd December 2018.
This event will be given prizes for the first, second and third position.
The first prize for the men's category will be 100,000 nominees and the first prize for women category will be 50,000 in Paragliding Pre World Cup Mizoram Open Paragliding Accuracy Championship December  2018 
Paragliding Accuracy Championship 2018 ,Mizoram ,India
Paragliding Accuracy Championship 2018 ,Mizoram ,India

Mizoram is the peaceful state in the india with a pleasant climate Mizoram from one of seven Sister states of Northeastern India.
It is a very good place from the travel point of view as this place is still largely covered with forest and blue sky.
Mizo people are known for their guests and their friendly nature.Mizoram is also known for its songs and music.
Mijzam is a heaven with a view of living. The temperature here ranges from 10 to 30 Degree Celsius.
The capital of Mizoram is Aizawl, it is disciplined with the view of traffic, hence it is also known as Mute Sarak  no honking. click hare more about mizoram 
Click Here More About Mizoram

Flying site info

Serchip is the headquarters of Serchip District.Serhiph is one of the eight districts of Mizoram district.Seerchip can also be called Mizoram's heart, it is surrounded by green forests and hills.Serchip is 104 km from Mizoram's capital Aizawl.Serchip site was considered to be one of the safest and good sites in North-East India for Paragliding as well as this site is considered a good place for paragliding learners.
Pilot can take long flight of 6 hour from this site, which is a different thrill in itself.

Take Off Point

The height of Chuachung teke of Point is between 980 to 1100 meters, from which beautiful scenery can be seen.
Chuachung teke of Point
Chuachung teke of Point

Landing site

Zawlpui Landing Site is an extension of paddy fields.

Event classification

FAI Sanctioned events (CAT.2)

Type of event

Second Category Event



Disciplines and Task Styles

class 3  Paragliding Accuracy


Mizoram, Serchhip

Mizoram in India


04 December  to  08 December 2018

Selection and Entry fees

The rules for selection and registration are as follows in section 7C of FAI 

  1. Every comptiter has to be present with.
  • Identity card must be
  • A valid Pilot License which must have been issued by the country of Pilot.
  • Evidence of glider airworthiness
  • Valid insurance and its details
  • Proof of Towing Expression, if required
 2.Every competitor will be requested
  • Statement of Certified glider
  • Inventory Form

Entry Fees For
Indian Nationality :- >5000 INR
Foreign Nationalities :- >60 EUR


  •  Gave the required transposition by December 3 to 8 by Mizoram Arrow Sport Association
  • Twin / Triple Sharing Housing will be provided for stay
  • Food Mizoram Arrow-Sport Association Will Be Drawn

Last date of Entry Fee is December 3, 2018. Entry fees are non-refundable.

Entry Fee can be transferred to:

ACCOUNT NUMBER : 37951497620
IFS CODE : SBIN0017397

 online registration will be open from 5th October  to the 2nd December, 2018.

Prize fund 

Team Overall

1st prize is   INR 20,000
2nd prize is   INR 10,000.
3rd prize is   INR 5,000.


1st prize is   INR 1,00,000.
2nd prize is  INR 50,000.
3rd prize is  INR 25,000.

1st prize is   INR 50,000
2nd prize is   INR 25,000.
3rd prize is   INR 15,000.

Event Organiser

        Mizoram Arrow-Sports Association
The Mizoram Arrow-Sports Association was formed on 2010, it comes under Mizoram State Government.Mizoram Arrow-Sports Association aims to promote Arrow Sports.

FAI Member of the Organising Country

Address        Safdarjung Airport,Aurobindo Marg,110 003
Phone            +91 (11) 2462 13 41 / +91 (11) 2462 01 91
Fax                +91 11 246 28 727
Email             sec.gen@aeroclubofindia.in          
Website         http://aeroclubofindia.in

General schedule 

 December 3, 2018,Monday

Arrival and Official Registration 

December 4, 2018,Tuesday

09:30 -10:30  Mandatory Safety Briefing at headquarters Serchhip

10:30-11:30  Going to flying site and equipment inspection 

11:30-15:30  Fun flight 

17:00-19:00  Opening Ceremony and Welcoming Dinner

 December 5, 2018 Wednesday,

11:00-16:00  Contest

December  6, 2018 Thursday
11:00-16:00  Contest

 December  7, 2018 Friday
11:00-16:00 Contest
17:00-20:00 Closing Ceremony and Prize Distribution and Cultural Programme and Farewell Dinner.

December  8, 2018 Saturday
Going to Lengpui Airport for Departure.

Daily schedule

08:00  Headquarter open
09:30  Going to take-off site
10:30  Pilot briefings on take-off
11:00  Opens Take-off window 
16:00  Window close